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About us

We are a family business based in Devon, England specialising in European violins & bows. There are 3 violinists in the family and the business has evolved from a need to find suitable violins for us to play! Too many experiences of buying overpriced and inferior instruments from various 'experts' led us to source our own & offer them online to discerning musicians from around the world in 2009. Many of our violins are from France where we feel there is real value to be found with often exquisitely made violins and bows available to the intrepid buyer.


If you buy a violin from us, the instrument will be sent set up with bridge & soundpost in place. If requested, it can be sent with the bridge and /or soundpost put down.

Should the soundpost drop in transit, your local luthier or violin shop should be able to put it back up in minutes. All violins over £500 are sent in a new violin case and those less than £500 are sent in double ply cardboard boxes.


Most of our instruments are in good condition when we acquire them but, for those that aren't, we pride ourselves on the high standard of restoration undertaken before they are made available for sale. On the restoration side, our aim is to preserve as much of the original as possible to retain the character of the instrument. Set ups and basic restoration work is done locally with more major restoration work being undertaken by the best luthier in the area.

We want the violins we sell to sound good, so they are set up with particular attention paid to getting the best out of the instrument - we don't sell instruments unless they sound good. The set up process invariably includes a good session with our in house violinists to make sure the instrument is at it's best..

Our bows are also sold in top playing condition and re-haired when necessary. As experienced violinists will know, the bow is all important in determining the sound of the violin.


We're based in Devon, a beautiful part of Britain with a long & colourful history. It's lush & green most of the time & we're surrounded by oceans. Please don't hestitate to visit us if you're in this wonderful part of Britain!

Registered address is: 52 Longbrook Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 6AH, United Kingdom. Please note, this is not the workshop and we ask that you contact us first if you want to visit.

Visits can be arranged by emailing us at sales@hergova.com or calling UK 07979 644977 (outside UK +44 7979 644977). We're always happy to help and offer advice about anything but do remember to make an appointment before visiting as we are an online sales shop rather than a retail outlet.

Further information about buying can be found on the ordering page.