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JTL Sarasate Violin circa 1930

Made in the workshops of J Thibouville-Lamy with a Sarasate Amati label.

Sarasate Amati

The Sarasate brand was created by the firm J Thibouville-Lamy, Mirecourt, France. Named after the famous Spanish violinist Pablo Sarasate, the brand became well known in the 20th century for being good quality trade instruments. J Thibouville-Lamy were based in Mirecourt, France and started producing violins in 1857 with production finally ceasing in the late 1960s.


This instrument is a particularly good example of a Sarasate violin and in excellent condition. Finished in a warm golden brown varnish it has a medium grain top and 2 piece lightly flamed back. It is rare to find an instrument of this age in such good condition.

Fitted with an ebony tail piece and chin rest, the instrument comes with a new bridge and Tonica strings. Excellent condition & fabulous value at the current price.

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Jules Merciolle Violin circa 1930

A beautifully made violin by French Luthier Jules Meciolle.

Jules Merciolle

Jules Merciolle was born in Mirecourt, France in 1881. He was a pupil of Grillon perfecting his art with G. Bernardel and Caressa and François in Paris where he established his own premises in 1911. Described in Henleys Dictionary of Violins as producing 'absolutely faithful reproductions enhanced by irreproachable workmanship'


An excellent example ofJules Merciolle's work it is beautifully made and finished in a lustrous red / brown varnish. The instrument has a 2 piece back and finely grained top / table.

Fitted with a new rosewood tail piece, ebony chin rest, Dominant strings and shipped in a new oblong case, the violin would suite an advanced player.

Click Jules Merciolle violin for photographs and more information. Supplied with a Jean-Jaques Rampal certificate of provenance.

Laberte, J B Vuillaume model

A beautifully made violin by Laberte Humbert.


The Laberte workshops produced a large range of instruments and bows of consistent quality. It employed over 300 people by 1920 and is well known for the many skilled craftsmen that worked there, including Camille Poirson, Charles Brugere, and Georges Apparut each of whom became well known as top makers in their lifetime.


In very good condition, the violin is fitted with Pirastro Tonica strings, new quality bridge, ebony pegs, ebony chin rest & tail piece and supplied with a new violin case.

An excellent buy for a keen player at a very reasonable price, this is a fine J B Vuillaume copy from Laberte.

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Supplied with a Jean-Jaques Rampal certificate of provenance.

A Claude Thomassin bow, stamped 'C.Thomassin a Paris' & made around 1910.

A top quality French bow from the Mirecourt area of France supplied with a Jean-Jaques Rampal certificate of provenance.

Claude Thomassin

Thomassin has been called one of the best makers of his generation. In his early career, he worked for Gand & Bernadel and in 1901 set up his own atelier at Rue de Paris in Paris. Although he continued to produce bows for his former employers, much of his output from 1901 onwards was branded with his name "Claude Thomassin" or "C.Thomassin à Paris".

Claude Thomassin Bow

This particular bow is in a good condition and has recently been re-haired. It is a mid brown colour with various marks on the head and a scratch line near the wrapping. The stick is slightly worn above the frog. Balance point is 25.1 cm from the adjuster end.

The bow weighs 59gm, has a round pernambucco stick & is nickel mounted. Made over a century ago in 1910, the bow continues to play beautifully.

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